Adjustments 11-8-21

Weekly board adjustments

Board adjustments for the week of 11/8/21

Clovis 21- add 1 new total 48
Clovis 51- add 1 new total 2
Amarillo 51- add 2 new total 106

Clovis 22- add 2
Clovis 52- add 1
Amarillo 52- add 2

Been working with the general chairman since last Thursday on a new agreement for Clovis protecting Carlsbad, nothing has transpired just yet it is still a work in progress!

They did meet last Tuesday Wednesday Thursday, on the crew consist negotiations, nothing transpired out of that negotiation, basically we all know what the carrier wants but we are not settling until everyone currently employed including furloughed members are protected I will update when I receive more news.

National contracts are currently still at a standstill that is the only update I have received.

Safety summit agreement- the only update I have is we have NOT agreed to anything yet, they are still at a standstill we do not agree to there demands in the the “ new” ssa , will update as I receive new info