FAQ January 2020 Furloughed TYE Craft Transfer Opportunity

 January 2020 Furloughed TYE Craft Transfer Opportunity

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q.       Can I be notified when positions come up in my area?

A.         Yes. You can set up a notification on the internal My BNSF Careers site (select “Careers” at the top left to get started).  Instructions are at the end of this FAQ.

 Q.       How can I easily find these positions?

A.        On the My BNSF Careers page, put “furlough” in the job title search field.

 Q.       What is considered when applying for these positions?

A.        We will consider an employee’s transcripts, attendance and discipline while determining those selected.

Formal interviews will not be conducted.

 Q.       If I work in another craft can I come back to my job after the furlough is over?

A.         In this case, your TYE seniority will be retained while you are in the temporary position. If you are recalled, you must respond within the time required by the TYE agreement to retain your seniority and you will be released from the temporary position. Alternatively, you can decide to remain in your new craft and formally give up TYE seniority, which will be viewed as a completed Craft Transfer.


Q.       If I accept a temporary position will this alter my TYE seniority?

A.        No - as long as you return to your TYE position when you are recalled within the required timeframe.


Q.       Will I have to pay dues to Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees (BMWE)?

A.         Yes, but you will only pay those dues while in the transfer position. You will not pay TYE dues during that time.


Q.       What happens if I’m recalled?

A.         If you are recalled, you must respond within the time required under the TYE agreement or notify us that you want to stay in the current craft and complete a formal Craft Transfer.


Q.       Can I choose to stay in the transfer position if I am recalled?

A.        Yes, but you must communicate your decision within the required recall timeframe.


Q.       Where can I find updated/expanded information on furloughs?

A.        Information can be found on the LR website at:



Q.       Where should a furloughed employee go with questions?

A.        Employees should contact their division crew manager with questions. The contact information can be found at the labor relations website noted above.


Q.       Can I apply if I’m not furloughed?

A.        You can apply, but only candidates who are actively furloughed at the date of the posting closing will be considered.



Q.       Can I apply using my external account?

A.        No.  In order to see the position, you will need to be logged into the My BNSF Careers site.  If you no longer have access, please contact the Help Desk at 817-593-HELP (4357), then say “password” and select option 2 when prompted. If you have issues with multi-factor authentication (MFA), these steps will also direct you to the right place.


Q.       Does BNSF pay for temporary housing at the job location or relocation assistance?

A.        No.


How to Set up a Job Alert on My BNSF Careers


1.  Access the  My BNSF Careers site and select Careers at the top left.

a.  You will need your B# and password to login using multi-factor authentication (MFA). If you need help, contact the Help Desk at 817-593-HELP (4357), say “password” and select option 2 for help with either issue.

2.  Click the Saved Searches/Alerts tab at the top.

3.  Click the Create New Job Alert button.

4.  Complete the form.

a.  Hint: Include “furlough” as a keyword to see all available temporary positions.

5.  Click the Save button and be sure to check your email regularly.