Temporary Craft Transfer

 Temporary craft transfer opportunities for furloughed TYE employees

 Who is eligible?

 •     You must be a CURRENTLY FURLOUGHED TYE employee to be considered eligible for this opportunity.

•     Anyone who is not currently furloughed must go through a permanent craft transfer process in order to be eligible.


 •   This will be a temporary position until recalled to TYE service.

•   It will not alter your TYE seniority.

•   You will have to pay union dues to the appropriate union.

•   You will continue to receive your benefits.

•     When recalled, you must respond to recall within the time required under the TYE agreement or you will forfeit your TYE seniority. You can elect to stay in the new craft.


How to apply through internal website and set up job alerts:

 1.  Access  My BNSF Careers site and select Careers from the drop-down menu in the top left corner a.  This is where you can view all the open positions and apply.

b.  You will need your B# and password to log in using the multi-factor authentication (MFA)

c.   If you need help, contact the Help Desk at 817-593-4357, say “password” and select Option 2 for assistance.

2.  Click the Saved Searches/Alerts tab at the top

3.  Click the Create New Job Alert button

4.  Complete the form

a.  Include “furlough” as a keyword to see all available temporary positions

5.  Click the Save button and be sure to check your email regularly




For additional questions on applying, please email: St[email protected]m